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Lending club is an online financial community bringing together investors and creditworthy borrowers so that they both can benefit financially.

1) Data Extraction:
1.1) Download the original Loan data file '' from the Data page.
1.2) Download the Declined Loan Data
1.3) Cleanse each of the data files using, and if necessary modifying, the file listed here.

2) Feature selection and model building:
2.1) Build a supervised learning classifier to decide whether to accept or reject a loan applicant
2.2) What are the most important features?
2.3) what properties of the data motivate your choice of classifier? 

3) Classifier evaluation:
3.1) how well does your classifier perform out-of-sample?
3.2) Modify your classifier so that it penalizes false positives more than false negatives? (i.e. prevents declined applicants from receiving a loan)