reading, installing R libraries and even more reading before Tuesday

posted Aug 21, 2012, 7:36 AM by Unknown user

Hello Everyone,

Just a few items before we start on Tuesday:

1)  READING: Please make sure that you have purchased the 2nd edition
of CT1 below and take a look at Chapter 5 on mining frequent patterns.
If you have purchased the 3rd edition, you will need to read Chapter
6. However, I would recommend that you switch to the 2nd Edition and
avoid me assigning irrelevant reading material. Chapter 11 of CT2 is
on the Apriori algorithm.

2) INSTALLING R PACKAGES: In addition to having R installed on your
personal laptops you will need to install a CRAN library called
'rattle'. It is recommended that you do this ahead of class to avoid
any delays. Rattle is a graphical interface that will help you get
acquainted with methods of computational analytics I.

In R (and connected to the internet), type the following R command to
install rattle and all of its dependencies:

> install.packages(rattle, dependencies = c("Depends", "Suggests"))

Don't type the '>' symbol. Once this is successfully installed (and it
may take some time) enter the following commands to load and launch

> library(rattle)
> rattle()

You'll also want to install a CRAN library called 'arules' using the R command

> install.packages(arules)

Once installed, type the R command
> library(arules)

to load the arules library and then type


to check that arules has loaded correctly.

3) ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: We'll be covering the rattle package during
the classes but if you are curious to learn more then take a look at

FYI, many of the earlier class examples and lab exercises will use R
code taken from chapters 10 and 11 from