code examples, e1071 and quiz next week

posted Aug 30, 2012, 5:37 PM by Unknown user
Please visit the code page to view some of the python source code that I briefly demonstrated in class for extracting data from websites. You will have a tutorial next Wednesday on how to write similiar code. Being able to extract data from websites will be required for your group projects, starting next week.
Note also that the R code that I demonstrated today for visualizing the decision boundary generated by the Naive Bayes Classifier is available too. Further details of the e1071 package are available at
There will be a short closed-book quiz next Thursday in our lecture on the Naive Bayes' classifier. Please carefully review the lecture notes (lecture 3) and the related material in the course text books. The quiz will be in the form of problem that you will have to solve using Bayes' theorem and your understanding of the Naive Bayes' classifier. This quiz will consist of a pen and paper question - there will be no coding involved. You may want to bring a calculator.